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Threaded Sight Windows

A quick solution for pipe or tank observation.

Available with brass or stainless steel retaining rings, these sight windows can be used anywhere that a 1/4" to 3" piping "T" or a female NPT exists.

The two available Threaded Sight Windows are rated at ANSI 150# and 300# using tempered borosilicate glass.  There are no dimensional differences between the 150# and 300# models.


WTSL Threaded Sight Window (150#)
WTSM Threaded Sight Window (300#)

The Threaded Sight Window is similar in design to the Threaded Window Sight Flow Indicator. The outer retaining ring compresses the glass between the gasket and cushion.
Spanner wrenches for window removal are available from Penberthy.  The spanner wrenches have a 1/4" or 1/2" drive socket for torque wrench.  All Threaded Sight Windows are machined from hex barstock.

Materials of Construction for Threaded Glass Housing
Hex Brass, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel barstock.
Consult factory for other material.

Standard sizes from: 1/4" to 3"

Conventional Sight Windows
Observe the possibilities of our sight windows.
Available in eight models, Penberthy sight window materials conform to ASTM specifications.  Conventional Sight Windows are available with vision diameters ranging from 1-1/16" to 9" depending on the model and size selected.
WP Flat Pad
WPR Radius Pad
WS Socketweld
WW Weldneck
WTM Threaded (NPT Male)
WTF Threaded (NPT Female)
WF Flanged
WFW Weldneck Flanged

Sight windows are used when direct reading is required for liquid processes.  Windows can be directly mounted to the vessel wall or they can be adapted to a multitude of connection styles.


Materials of Construction for Glass Housing and Pad
SA-515 GR 70 Steel; SA-240 Gr STS 316L

SA-515 Gr 70 Steel; SA-240 Gr STS 316

ASTM A105 Gr II Steel; ASTM 182 Gr STS F316L

Oblong Sight Windows

These extended vision windows are quite a sight.
These Oblong Sight Windows increase the viewing length beyond that of conventional sight windows.  The angle of vision into a tank or vessel is enhanced so that more of the process liquid can be observed from a single viewing location.

WPO Oblong Sight Window (Flat Pad)
WPOR Oblong Sight Window (Radius Pad)

Designed for 150 PSIG operating pressure and 500 o F (260 o C), these sight windows can be specified with a flat or radius welding pad.  The Oblong Sight Window is mounted directly to the vessel wall.

Materials of Construction
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel

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